A Boomer Rite of Passage

A Boomer Rite of Passage

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A Boomer Rite of PassageIs this movement to downsize a Boomer rite of passage or disquietude about stuff and wanting more? Maybe it’s a reaction to the economy or our materialistic society. For our friends it was both; a reaction to the cost of living and maintaining a house and a desire for a different life style.

Every year my friends would vacation in Mexico. They loved the semi-tropical weather, the language, the people and their culture. They knew it was resort living, but they also felt calmer while in Mexico. Going back to the states brought back the stress and the constant striving for something more.

The husband kept thinking about becoming a snowbird, spending six months in Mexico and the spring and summer in the states. The wife was torn about leaving family and the children and grand kids. They finally realized if one of their kids came to them and said they are moving across the country for a new job, they wouldn’t turn it down because their parents were here.

The couple had friends living in Mexico who were very happy. They met for dinner in the states and asked tons of questions. They could see how happy they were and hear how much cheaper life was in Mexico. In November of 2014 they decided, after receiving their property tax bill, they didn’t have the money for two places, but they could live debt free if they sold their house and moved to Mexico.

The next part was hard: selling or getting rid of their stuff. They advertised on Craig’s List and had garage sales. What didn’t sell, they put in storage, some things they gave away to places that supply furnishings for the less fortunate. Some of the pieces of furniture they valued, looked a little shabby when it was moved out of the house. They have been in Mexico now for over a year and a half. They have been back to their old neighborhood once. They went back after a year to close the storage unit and ship their stuff south. They learned that most people who move to Mexico have a storage unit back in their old home town. Many still hanging on to stuff they don’t need or can’t use in Mexico.

They have a car in Mexico, but is used only twice a week. Once to go to Costco 45 minutes away, and once to go to a first run movie. There are buses and taxis available at a very cheap price, but a personal vehicle is a throwback to the states. They walk everywhere; the restaurants, bakeries, the mail box, the little tiendas for fresh chicken, pharmacies, shoe stores, and computer supplies, etc.

Life there is much more relaxed. The waiters don’t bother you to leave the table when finished. Not until you say la quenta, por favor do they bring the bill. The housekeeper comes once a week for four hours. The sunsets are not to be missed. It’s a chance to re-connect with your mate. The people are poor, but always celebrating with a fiesta, for some saint or historic figure. The rooster crows in the morning, the churches ring their bells calling the faithful to mass, firecrackers are set off in celebration of another day, and families gather in the Jardin, the town square, to enjoy each other’s company with an ice cream or ear of corn.

Is it cheaper? Definitely. Property tax is $300 instead of $5,000. Car insurance is $395 instead of $1,200. Heating $200 instead of $900. Food at the grocery store half of the U.S. Dining out at some very fine places is one third of the U.S.

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