Beware of THESE Fort Wayne Selling Mistakes

Beware of THESE Fort Wayne Selling Mistakes

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Selling your Fort Wayne home is a difficult process to begin with, so you want to avoid as many selling mistakes as possible; especially the selling mistakes that could be costly to you and your family.

Learn what selling mistakes to look for and avoid before you jump into the business of selling your Fort Wayne home. Guard yourself from unneeded headaches and possibly save thousands of dollars in the process.

Poor Pricing

Not studying the the current Fort Wayne market nor understanding how your home’s value fits into it, can lead to creating a poor listing price. This can result in either losing out because you priced your home too low or having your home sit on the Fort Wayne market because it is priced too high.

Not Making Repairs

The last thing you want when selling your home is to have the potential buyer or their inspector point out repairs that could cost you money or the entire sale. By not making the necessary repairs, you put yourself in a bad position to sell your home quickly (if at all).

Being Dishonest

Being dishonest with your potential buyers will come back to haunt you. All of your home’s secrets will come out eventually; if you were not upfront in the beginning you will end up paying for down the road – most likely both financially and legally.

Ignoring Your Home’s Potential

When attending an open house the potential buyers don’t want to be greeted by junk and clutter – they want to see what the home has to offer.

By not clearing out your junk and clutter before you open the door to buyers, you prevent showing them the charm of your home. The result: no buyers taking any interest in the home.

However, it can be just as big of a selling mistake to leave the home sitting empty. You want to show what it looks like with furniture so that they can imagine being a part of the home.

Ignoring the Closing Process

By not understanding or even ignoring the fine print of the closing process, you could be find yourself getting left at the altar of the deal.

You need to be aware of any and all fees that come with the closing process as well understanding the timing of the the events that are to follow. There are specific times that allow you to receive considerable tax breaks that could save you a lot of money in the end.

Knowing what Fort Wayne home selling mistakes to avoid before you even list your home on the market can help to save you money and time in the end. Learn from other’s mistakes to put yourself (and your Fort Wayne home) in the best position to realize a quick sale.

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