Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

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Collaborative Divorce

Who hasn’t heard a midnight horror story of protracted, emotional and destructive divorce? The tangle of emotions may leave the lives of children scarred, and a couple in a spider web of financial ruin. Movies have made good use of divorce wars. There is another way. It is called Collaborative Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is an extended negotiation between the two spouses, with the aid and counsel of their respective attorneys, and, as needed, other professionals such as a financial planner, a child advocate, and a mental health professional acting as coach for each spouse. When the spouses have finalized their agreement, the court receives the filing and made a part of the Judgment of Dissolution. Usually, the divorce happens in a flash compared to a litigated divorce.

How does collaborative divorce differ from a litigated divorce?

In a litigated divorce, the two spouses, through their respective attorneys, fight over every issue. Only in one or two brief court-ordered mediations is there any occasion for the two spouses to discuss resolution of issues. Otherwise, the spouses are not required to work out anything, and they seldom do.

Collaborative divorce is a process that enables divorcing couples, as well as couples in other family law disputes, to reach agreements and resolve their differences in a respectful and productive way; without “fighting it out” in court.

Collaborative Practice involves a team of specially trained professionals who work together with the couples to help them to find solutions that will be in the best interest of the entire family, particularly the children.

It is an excellent divorce alternative that may cost less and can preserve relationships as parties restructure their families. Every divorcing couple should consider a collaborative divorce.

Divorce leads to the major reason to sell the home.

As we said in January is Divorce Month, many couples, seeking a divorce, want to sell the house fast.

Many people when confronted with the prospect of divorce, want to know how they will maintain their standard of living? Who gets the house? How can they sell the house fast?

Child custody issues make divorce stressful. I would guess the courts put more emphasis on keeping a parent and children in the house.

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