Comes the Cozy Time of Year

Comes the Cozy Time of Year

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Comes the Cozy Time of YearIn this beautiful song, Martha Wainwright said it best. It’s time everywhere to prepare your home for the darker nights; the coming winter: Comes the cozy time of year

“When the day is short
And the nights are long
It’s a different world
Where the rules are wrong”

Comes the Cozy Time of Year

In the spring and summer, we want our homes to be filled with light. We want to throw out our arms and chest inviting the outside in. When it’s fall and winter, we want the opposite. We want to shrink rooms. Smaller rooms are warmer. We want to feel cozy and protected. Here comes the cozy time of year. We want to wrap ourselves in the comforter and reach for a good book.

Here are some easy ways to chase away the night at a low cost:

Buy some new candles of all sizes. Their light is soft and warm, relaxing and doesn’t illuminate the corners.

Make the mantel the star of your winter decor. Candles, a garland of “snowballs,” a bit of winter greenery, make the perfect mantel.

Add a new floor or table lamp. Imagine pools of light. Turn off your overhead lighting.

Add some blankets and throws to the mix to ward off the chill. Anything you can do to warm up your room in winter is smart.  Placing throws across chairs and sofas or in a basket keeps them handy for use.  And try the less sophisticated (more cottage-like) look of sweater knit for throw pillows in winter.

Add fall colored pillows to the sofa or bedroom. Change up the color scheme. Paint a neutral wall some warm color like pumpkin.

More ways to make it that cozy time of year

Turn reclaimed wood from an old pallet into the rustic box about a foot long. Add mason jars decorated with twine and small chalkboard pendants, then finish the scenario with fir sprigs, whether real or faux.

After, the holiday season, just because your Christmas wreath has been put away for the year doesn’t mean you should leave your front door unadorned. In fact, wreaths and door hangings are a great way to celebrate every season, including post-holiday winter.

Bears hibernate in the winter. They slow down and sleep through the season. We can do something like that. We’ll find ourselves getting busier and busier and more stressed than ever. Just know it will all get done. Settle back with a cup of hot chocolate, warm tea, or something stronger and breathe.

The holiday months are a time for family and friends to gather. Take a breath, throw another log on the fire; invite some people over for dinner and conversation, and enjoy the season.

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