For Children Moving Can Be More Traumatic

For Children Moving Can Be More Traumatic

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For Children Moving Can Be More TraumaticMoving can be traumatic. You are leaving the neighborhood of friends and the memories you have made in the house you are selling. For children moving can be more traumatic. Kids don’t have much say in where they move or why they have to move.  You are taking them from their friends, from a house and neighborhood they love, their school and teachers, and they may be very unhappy about the move. What are some of the tips to make the process easier?

  1. Once you have made the decision to move, discuss the move with the kids. Here’s advice from Kids Health: “Try to give them as much information about the move as soon as possible. Answer questions completely and truthfully, and be receptive to both positive and negative reactions. Even if the move means an improvement in family life, kids don’t always understand that and may be focused on the frightening aspects of the change.”
  2. Involve the kids in the house selection process. If you can take the kids to the new home, do so. If you have some choices to select from, seek the kids input. When the house has been chosen, have a celebration.
  3. Purge – Go through the house with the kids deciding what must go to the new house and what will stay.
  4. Prepare for a moving sale. Have the children help prepare for a garage sale and as a family decide what should be done with the proceeds. Something to look forward to; a new flat screen TV, or the dog everyone wants.
  5. Howstuffworks suggests one of the last things before the move should be a “See You Soon” party. During the party, make sure everyone exchanges contact information, and take photos of your kids with their friends. Between texting, e-mails and phone calls, your kids should be able to maintain old friendships while transitioning to their new surroundings and making new friends”
  6. Make A Memory Book – It can be a real source of stability to have pictures of the old house, their rooms and friends.
  7. Say Goodbye – Have a family meeting or a final family dinner in the old house and each tell what they most liked about the house. Be grateful for all the old memories and look forward to making new memories in the new house.

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