Here is Why Your Fort Wayne Home is Not Selling

Here is Why Your Fort Wayne Home is Not Selling

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Even though the Fort Wayne housing market has recovered in recent years and homes are selling at record setting paces, some Fort Wayne homes fail to sell or sit on the market far too long. Some received offers almost immediately; some may sit on the market for months before they receive a single call.

What can you do to make your Fort Wayne home stand out more and spend less time on the market?

Disconnect Between ‘Price’ and ‘Value’

One major reason many Fort Wayne homes struggle to leave the market is that their asking price is far too high.

Look at homes similar to yours that are on the Fort Wayne market or that were recently sold: what were their asking prices, what was the price per square foot? You need to be sure that your home isn’t priced too high in comparison.

Perceived value is not always the same across the board so don’t shy away from doing your research into the Fort Wayne market in order to set the best price possible for your Fort Wayne home for sale.

Your Fort Wayne Home Needs Some Work

Today’s buyers are no longer looking for that DIY, fixer-upper home; many want that turn-key situation. Since financing has become easier, many Fort Wayne homebuyers opt to finance for the more upgraded home than to put money into fixing it.

Be sure that you are making the necessary updates and remodels to make your Fort Wayne home look more attractive.

Possible Foreclosure

Even though much of the foreclosure crisis has ended, there are still Fort Wayne homes on the brink of being foreclosed on. If you’re in this situation, you are likely hoping for a short sale or attempting to sell your home above the market in hopes of paying off the debt.

Know that the short sale process is often overlooked by Fort Wayne buyers and that some banks may be reluctant to work with you as well because they may get more out of your property by foreclosing.

It’s important to know all of your options and make informed decisions about which of these you will be doing.

An Outdated Fort Wayne Home

Take a look at the current Fort Wayne home trends and layouts. Does your home measure up?

You want to look at functionality, design, age of appliances and many other things to make sure your home is up to date and that appliances are going to last.

Also, look at the way your online home listing states the rooms and appliances. For example, should the den be called a ‘man cave’ or ‘game room’?

Not Being Found

Are Fort Wayne homebuyers even aware that your home is available?

If you want to sell quickly and at your asking price, then you need to be sure that people know you’re selling. A yard sign or simple newspaper ad might not be enough.

Know where and how to post your Fort Wayne home sale and drive the buyers to look at it.

No matter how great or how bad the Fort Wayne housing market is, a home can take time to sell. Be patient and keep these tips in mind to keep your Fort Wayne home from sitting on the market too long.

There might be a number of reasons buyers aren’t looking at your home, so be in tune to what that may be and do your best to make your home seem more appealing.

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