Fort Wayne Home Sellers: Know What Factors Impact Your Home Value

Fort Wayne Home Sellers: Know What Factors Impact Your Home Value

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Finding out your Fort Wayne home value is a big part of selling your home, because it affects your sale price. Fort Wayne home seller will find that a number of things factor into your overall home value and there are things you can do to help improve each factor.

Below are a few of those home value factors and how Fort Wayne home sellers can use them to help sell your home.

What is the Fort Wayne Home’s Location?

Where your Fort Wayne home sits is actually a fairly large factor that affects the value of your home. Does it sit against a busy highway or near a known flood area? Was the area formerly known for crime, or are there vacant lots next door?

Each of these can cause the Fort Wayne home value to stagnate simply because of their poor placement.

A home for sale one street over may be identical to yours in rooms, bathrooms and even layout but be worth more because it doesn’t have these same issues nearby. You can help your home by playing up the fact that your home has a walkability factor that appeals to younger professionals, or quick access to the highway for commuters.

How New are the Renovations?

How up-to-date is your Fort Wayne home? Does it still look like it’s stuck in the past with shag carpeting, and crazy colors throughout? How about the appliances, are they up to date?

These factors can make buyers turn up their nose and continue their search but there are steps Fort Wayne home sellers can take without breaking the bank.

Consider a fresh coat of neutral colored paint, or new appliances in the kitchen to bring the home into the present day. You want to appeal to young and older buyers so it’s important to show them that your home is both older and fresh.

If you’ve renovated the Fort Wayne home in recent years are the updates uniquely tailored to you or would the area fit a number of different people? Most buyers want to add their own unique touch to the home so you should take the time to try to tone down your overall style, if possible.

Consider painting walls neutral and potentially taking out special fixtures and replacing them with something simple. If you can’t easily remove your style from the home then know that you may not get a premium price for it and your home may sit on the market a little longer.

What is the Home’s History?

As Fort Wayne home sellers, you should always know the history of your home, but do you know it can impact the home value?  If it has ever been flooded, had mold, used to be in a high crime area or if there has ever been a fire, it’s all part of public record.

Know what the history is and make it a point to show potential homebuyers how you’ve turned the property around and made it a positive home again.

How Big is the Home?

One of the first things that buyers look at when searching online listings is square footage. If your Fort Wayne home is larger, make sure that the current market can support it before you list it so that you don’t have to wait too long or remove it, both of which will make your home lose appeal.

Know where your home matches up with homes selling in the current Fort Wayne market to get an idea of how your home will do.

What’s Your “Wow” Factor?

Does your Fort Wayne home have any “wow” factors? To help your home sell quickly, find out what features your home has that set it apart from the competition.

Play up these features to make the home more appealing to buyers. If it’s near a landmark, near celebrities, near a park, etc. then say so in your listing to draw attention to the property.

As Fort Wayne home sellers you should always be aware of your home value over the years. Keep track of the factors that could impact it, especially work that you do. There are many factors that go into determining home value which you should be aware of and know the ways to boost the value when you are ready to sell.

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