Fort Wayne Home Sellers: Make Your Home Listing Stand Out

Fort Wayne Home Sellers: Make Your Home Listing Stand Out

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Your Fort Wayne home listing is the first shot at making an impression on potential buyers. This means that it is your job is to make it stand out.

There are a number of ways that you can draw attention to your Fort Wayne home listing in order to make a great first impression. To help Fort Wayne home sellers do so, consider the following.

Professional Photos

Selling your home on your own can seem like an adventure, but unless you have experience you might want to rethink your decision. Consider hiring professionals to help you in this process who know it from top to bottom. Take the time to research and hire a professional photographer to take the photos for your home listing. Look for someone who specializes in interiors that has photographed homes before since you want the best possible photos of your home.

Professional Staging

As you consider hiring professionals you should consider hiring someone to stage your home before the photos are taken to make your home look its best. Clean up the entire home, clear it of all clutter and remove any personal photos and knickknacks to make the Fort Wayne home more inviting; doing so allows the buyers to see themselves in it.

At the same time, you don’t want the home to be empty in photos if you can help it; this will make the home seem dull and uninviting. A home staging professional can help you to make adjustments and will make recommendations to help you create a space that is warm and inviting to potential buyers.

Create Photo List

While you’re in the process of hiring a photographer and a stager you need to create a list of the photos that you want to have taken of your Fort Wayne home for the home listing. Know the special features that add to your Fort Wayne home the most and that you thus want photos of.

You should also note what time the photos should be taken and how you want them to look. A photographer will have their own creative eye to work with but you should be able to guide them toward what you want.

More (Photos) is Better

Remember: to a potential buyer your home listing can never have too many photos. They want to see as much of the Fort Wayne home as possible to make their decision to see it in person. Most experts will tell you that you should take at least 36 photos; if it’s a luxury home you should take 50 or more photos.

Use Video

Talk to your photographer to see if he or she can create a video tour of your Fort Wayne home for potential buyers. This will let them take a trip through your home before they actually see it in person. This will also give them a chance to see your Fort Wayne home without other people around, providing a chance to create better questions for you when they see it in person.

Utilize Keywords

The majority of Fort Wayne home buying starts online so you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Work to leverage keywords and phrases that will allow your Fort Wayne home to stand out in searches.

Create a home listing that is detailed, and highlights amenities, features and surrounding areas. You want to draw a buyer in and paint a picture that makes them want to see it in person.

Your Fort Wayne home listing is your first impression to a potential buyer, so you need to put forth the best possible version of your home. Make it inviting, warm, and highlight the features. You don’t get a second chance at the first impression so take your time to make it the best.

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