Fort Wayne Home Values

Fort Wayne Home Values

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The median home value in Fort Wayne is $82,900. Fort Wayne home values have declined -1.1% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 3.1% within the next year. Despite Zillow’s prediction, their Home Value Index has been under $86,000 since May of 2009. Yes, since May of 2015, home values as indicated by Zillow, are up 3.9%, but seasonally, home prices usually peak about this time of year, and are back to where they were this time last year.

The image above shows the houses in foreclosure (red) and pre-foreclosure (blue). There are 508 homes in that category.

What is not pictured is the heartbreak and dying of dreams; families in trouble, stress over making ends meet, tears and broken hearts. That map is a stab to the heart. Reading the news, it is better than it was and it’s not.

In Kiplinger’s Housing Outlook for 2015, Pat Mertz Esswein, From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, January 2015, writes, “… some of the regions and cities hit hardest by the housing bust experienced huge gains—essentially an overcorrection to the correction. Yet prices in many cities are still significantly lower than they were at the market’s peak in mid-2006.”

From an interview in the Journal Gazette, we learn from developers that “…the great thing about Fort Wayne is that unlike the other parts of the country, home appreciation never goes way up, and depreciation never goes way down. That’s the great thing about the local economy. We’re more stable. “

Secondly, Interest rates will probably remain low, but people still worry about things like that and job security. We need to take a look around at the overall picture, though. The multimillion-dollar investments being made in the downtown show the confidence companies have in the city. It shows progress and that Fort Wayne is a stable city.

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