Fort Wayne Homebuyers: Become a More Competitive

Fort Wayne Homebuyers: Become a More Competitive

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As prospective Fort Wayne homebuyers you need to know how to play the offer game in a way that makes you difficult to turn down.

Since most sellers are receiving multiple offers for their Fort Wayne home, it’s important for you to know what needs to be done to come out on top.

Here are a few tips that can help Fort Wayne homebuyers make an offer stand out to the seller and win the home bidding war.

Have Your Loan Ready

At this point in the process you should already have your mortgage information and file completely put together and up to date so that your loan is ready to go. This way the seller will be able to see that you are highly motivated and have everything in order.

The last thing a seller wants to deal with are risky Fort Wayne homebuyers. Showing that you have everything lined up and ready to go will signal that you are sure a thing.

Be sure to work with your mortgagor to ensure that your offer does not rely on your financing.

Know Exactly What the Seller Wants

Once you know what the sellers want, you can figure out how to give it to them. It can also help to find out what their story is like and try to imagine what you would want in a similar situation.

If they are beginning the process of buying a new Fort Wayne home try tempting them by offering a quick sale to ease the burden and stress of selling at the same time. Remove your contingencies and have your inspections and appraisals done in a week or less to let them know you are serious.

Consider Top Dollar

In a competitive market most Fort Wayne homebuyers will end up paying top dollar after a bidding war. Keep in mind that many Fort Wayne homebuyers have been beaten in more than one bidding war, so many are willing to pay more for a home.

Determine what your top dollar will be, and find out if there could be an appraisal issue. If it’s a home you really love you shouldn’t feel bad about offering a high bid, but know your limit and what amount would take you over the edge.

Buying a Fort Wayne home is an investment into your future so you should make the most effort to get what you truly want. Be prepared for a competition with other Fort Wayne homebuyers, as many homes receive multiple offers at a time.

It’s important to know what you can offer, and how much you can afford to pay. Have your loan ready to go before you make the offer, and find out exactly what the seller wants in order to win the bidding war.

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