The Four Ds for Short

The Four Ds for Short

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The Four Ds for ShortFour main reasons come to mind when homeowners decide to sell their houses in Ft. Wayne. I call them the Four Ds for short: Death in a family and inheriting a house, Debt leading to foreclosure, Divorce, and Downsizing.

The Four Ds for Short

Death in the Family is the first of the Four Ds for Short

The first question when inheriting real estate is what is probate? Nolo Law for All says “Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone dies. It includes:

  • proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid (usually a routine matter)
  • identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property
  • having the property appraised paying debts and taxes, and
  • distributing the remaining property as the will (or state law, if there’s no will) directs.

During probate or when a property has cleared probate, the heirs may want to quickly dispose of the property. We help you through the jigsaw of selling fast. The heirs may not want to bring the house up to today’s standards. There may be no money for renovation. There may not be an inclination to spend time renting, or staging and showing the house.   We are a cash buyer solution. We buy the property as-is, and we pay cash. Closing takes place in less than 30 days, and there are no closing costs or inspections for the seller.

Divorce is the second of the Four Ds for Short

Of the four Ds, divorce is the most stressful. It’s more stressful than a Laker basketball game. Many people, when confronted with the prospect of divorce, want to know how assets will be divided, how they will maintain their standard of living, who gets the house, how to sell the house fast?  Divorce lawyers in Ft Wayne should be an early call.

Two types of Divorce
Divorces can be Amicable. The parties get together a list all the assets, decide how to split everything evenly. The house could go to one of the parties if the other side is equally compensated, or the two could decide the best thing to do is kiss goodbye, sell the house quickly, and split the proceeds.

Or divorces are less than amicable. There are High-Asset Divorce movies made about this type of divorce involving private detectives and war. There is a serious concern by both parties that they will not be able to enjoy their same lifestyle after the divorce. These issues make divorce a stressful time, even more so if there is child custody involved.

Downsizing is the third of the Four Ds for Short

We hadn’t thought too much about downsizing until a friend’s mother decided to sell the big house after she harvested the artichokes. She had accumulated too much “stuff” over 30 to 40 years. The house just became too big, maintenance overwhelmed her, and a smaller place seemed logical.

80 million boomers will retire over the next eight and a half years. Many will want to move to an area with fewer people and smaller quarters. It can be painful to worry about all the collectibles, the furniture, and clothes in the smaller space. Call us, and we will have you on your way shortly before Halloween.

Debt is the fourth of the Four Ds for Short

Foreclosure doesn’t just suddenly appear like a baby on your doorstep.  Like lightning, there are signs of an approaching thunderstorm, including:

  • having difficulty paying the mortgage payment on time
  • having very little savings for emergencies
  • using credit cards to get to the next pay day
  • paying the minimum on your credit cards
  • neglecting doctor and dental visits
  • shrinking from the ring of the phone
  • change in employment or change in debt to income ratio

If you find yourself experiencing those warning signs, you may be facing possible foreclosure. One option is to sell your home fast to get out of the problem and to save your credit rating.

JT Integrity Properties is here to help homeowners out of any distressed situation.  

As investors, we are in business to make a modest profit on any deal. However, we can help homeowners out of just about any situation, no matter what!  There are no fees, upfront costs, commissions, or anything else.  Just the simple, truth about your home and how we can help you sell it fast to resolve any situation.

Give us a call today at 260-202-2222 to let us know how we can help YOU.

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