Good News for Fort Wayne

Good News for Fort Wayne

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Good News for Fort WayneMayor Tom Henry has good news for Fort Wayne writes for The Journal Gazette. “A strong and vibrant downtown can’t come at the expense of our tremendous neighborhoods. So, infrastructure investments are happening in every quadrant. New streets, roads, sidewalks and curbs are improving perceptions and increasing neighborhood pride and property values. Fort Wayne has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the country this year.

“Growing and thriving cities need to have downtowns and neighborhoods that work together to bring out the best in one another. As an example, the recently passed city budget for 2017 focuses on the things the public asked us to do. We’ll be adding 28 police officers and continuing our record investments in neighborhood infrastructure improvements to enhance quality-of-life amenities. This is how cities remain sustainable and viable now and in the future.

“We must continue to push forward. Stopping isn’t an option. I know we’ll continue to see private investment in the heart of our city and in our neighborhoods, but only if city government does its part by providing services. More housing and retail options, corporate headquarters, and new businesses should be expected and welcomed. To be the best, we have to be willing to invest in ourselves and demonstrate what our community has to offer.”

What the mayor said is good news for Fort Wayne. If you are looking to buy, you need to be ready to go! The first call you need to make is to your real estate agent. If you are not sure what you can afford, your agent can connect you with a lender who will review your financial situation and help you determine your purchasing power.

Once you determine your purchasing power, your agent will discuss your housing needs with you. Tell your agent how big of a home you are looking for and if you have a style preference. Plus, let her know what other factors such as schools, proximity to work or family, length of commute, etc., are important to you. Remember right now the real estate market is hotter than the summer sun.

If your home is in good condition and priced correctly, per your agent’s market analysis, it should sell quickly. If a good offer comes along, you want to be ready to move. Your agent can help you determine the proceeds you will get from your home sale and, with your lender, determine your purchasing power. By starting your homebuying process at the same time as the selling process, you should have the smoothest journey to a new home.

You may be thinking you’d like to wait and see what happens to the market and the economy next year. Good news for Fort Wayne. The city is doing well because mortgage interest rates are at near-historic low levels. Now that the elections are over and the economy continues to improve, those rates are already inching up.

If you are thinking about selling, you may think if you wait, the value of your home will continue to rise. Remember, however, we all need a place to live and the value and cost of your next home will increase at the same rate. So, any gain will probably need to be spent on your purchase.

Nothing is certain and experts on both sides can be wrong. If you don’t want to take a risk, why not call us. We are a cash as-is buyer and we can close in less than 30 days.

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