Why it’s Hard to Sell Your Fort Worth Family Home (and How to Get it Done)

Why it’s Hard to Sell Your Fort Worth Family Home (and How to Get it Done)

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You see it every day: two Fort Worth houses on the same street for sale. One Fort Worth house sells quickly and the other sits on the market month after month. What is the difference between these two Fort Worth properties? Chances are good that the seller who found a quick sale was the one who worked to prepare their Fort Worth family home to sell and to give the buyers what they were looking for.

It can be hard to sell your Fort Worth family home, but the steps below can help set you up for success.

Breaking the Emotional Attachment

Many Fort Worth sellers have a hard time cutting their emotional ties to the house they have been living in. Because they are emotionally attached they (1) have a hard time taking the necessary steps to prepare to leave and (2) have a hard time viewing the house through the eyes of potential buyers.

As a Fort Worth seller it is important that you break your emotional ties and begin to view your “family home” as a “house.” You need to separate out your memories and the life you had while living there to be able to portray the house in a light that will make buyers want to create their own life and story there.

Know What the Buyers Want

The majority of Fort Worth buyers these days are looking for a move-in ready house. They want to be able to walk in, set up house and start making their own memories in the space. As a Fort Worth seller you need to take the necessary steps to prepare your house to create this possibility for the buyer. There are some key steps that you can take to help this process along:

  1. Declutter and depersonalize the house: It is important for you to throw out, donate or sell anything in your house that you no longer need. It is easy to acquire lots of stuff when you have been living in your house for years.

Once you have taken this step, pack away any personal belongings that don’t help sell your house to the majority of buyers on the market. This will also help make your process easier when you are packing to move.

  1. Update the house: Update any handles or fixtures in your Fort Worth house that could use replacing, paint the walls and freshen up the look.
  1. Stage the house: Hire a professional stager to help you arrange and decorate your rooms in the most flattering way. Study after study has proven that the money spent on staging pays off in the end.

The time and money that you invest into preparing your Fort Worth family home to sell will go a long way in moving the process along and bringing in a buyer. But first you must break your emotional connection with the house. Appreciate the times that your family had there while you prepare the house to provide the same experiences to the next family that will be moving in.

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