Host a Better Fort Wayne Open House

Host a Better Fort Wayne Open House

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The steps you take before your Fort Wayne open house can make or break your sale. But do you know which steps to take that will help you be more successful and more likely to sell your Fort Wayne home?

Your goal is to make the home as appealing as possible at the Fort Wayne open house; these open house tips can help.

Think: Kitchen & Master Bedroom

Does your kitchen look a little worn down? Does the bedroom need more space? Look at these two rooms first when thinking of renovations, as, according to experts, these two rooms can sell the entire home.

Replace the countertops and cabinet handles to bring new life to the kitchen and bathroom without spending too much. If your budget allows, add more storage space in the master bedroom by making the closet bigger or adding a new window.

Remember: you don’t need to break the bank to update these rooms, so keep your renovations realistic. Consider using eco-friendly materials when updating other rooms in the home as well. Using wood or stone can add a fresh look in the Fort Wayne home and the materials tend to last a lot longer than others.

Make it Sparkle

There is no question that you should clean your Fort Wayne home before an open house, but the home really needs to be spotless. Have the carpets steamed, add fresh paint to the walls, check for broken tiles, and check all doors and windows to be sure they open properly.

Leave no part of the Fort Wayne home untouched; fresh eyes want to see a fresh home. Add more lighting by opening the blinds and letting in natural sunlight, add a plant or two to add color, and put away your clutter. You want your potential homebuyers to see a clean and open home that welcomes them.

Have Answers

You should prepare yourself for questions about everything you could possibly think of (and even things you won’t think of). Questions about when the water heater was replaced, what kind of tile the bathroom has, how close is the nearest grocery store and even questions about what internet provider is available.

Your potential homebuyers will ask about security, the Fort Wayne neighborhood, schools and flood zones, so prepare for any and all questions. Know as many of the little details as you can before the Fort Wayne open house and have paperwork such as tax and title payments ready as well in case they would like to see them.

Include a Parting Gift

It can be a good strategy to have a DVD tour of the home put together and ready for your Fort Wayne open house visitors to take home with them along with their flier about prices and details.

This will allow them a second or third look at the home from the comfort of their couch. Having the recap on hand will also allow them to start a dialogue with their family about the home. They will be able to remember all the aspects of the home that they loved and picture themselves in it a little better.

How a potential buyer sees your home in the Fort Wayne open house can make or break your sale, so you should take as many steps as possible to prevent any “breaking” from happening.

Look at every single detail of the home and make sure it is all in order. Be ready to answer questions about everything, and leave them with a lasting impression of your home. The home selling process isn’t easy, but preparing your home correctly for the open house can help you to achieve a faster sale.

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