Increase Your Fort Wayne Home’s Value

Increase Your Fort Wayne Home’s Value

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Now that you’ve decided to sell your Fort Wayne home it’s important that you do what it takes to make it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. You want them to see the home as part of their future and make them realize this is the home for them. These home seller tips to increase your Fort Wayne home’s value found below will help you and get your home ready to sell.

Make a Great First Impression

Take a look around the outside of your Fort Wayne home. Could it use some TLC?

This is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they arrive to look at your home; make sure it is sending the right message.

Trim the hedges, edge the sidewalks, and add a few flowerpots to the porch; these all are inexpensive improvements that will make a great first impression and boost your Fort Wayne home’s value.

Consider Staging

Staging your home to look its best is also an easy way to up your Fort Wayne home’s value.

De-clutter and deep clean your Fort Wayne home to make a favorable impression on potential buyers. You don’t have to hire a professional cleaning service but you do need to make sure your home looks clean enough that you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your boss showed up.

Take the time to de-personalize your Fort Wayne home as much as possible, removing family photos and removing any clutter that takes away from the natural appeal of your home.

All About the Details

Don’t forget the smaller details like retouching the paint and checking the banisters for nicks or scratches. Replace lighting, wash the windows and polish the wooden accents of your Fort Wayne home.

These seem like small tasks but they can come back to bite you later if an issue is pointed out by a homebuyer.

Update the Kitchen

Be sure to give the kitchen and bathroom your attention. Look at the appliances, sink fixtures and cabinets; consider replacing these things if your budget allows.

Add a new coat of paint to these rooms as well but stick with neutral colors that can easily be incorporated into your homebuyer’s vision for the Fort Wayne home.

Use Professional Photos

Great photos in your Fort Wayne home listing can help to make your potential buyers take a second look at your home and want to see it person. This will be the first impression they get of your home so make sure that you have photos that show off all that your home has to offer.

Check Your Emotions

One last thing you can do, though it doesn’t exactly add to your Fort Wayne home’s value, is to set your emotions aside during the sell process. Don’t take any comments made by potential buyers or agents to heart.

Remember: you’re the one selling your home, so you have to let them have their opinions and still show them the best version of your home.

These tips above can help you to add to your Fort Wayne home’s value and appeal while leading you to a quicker and more pleasing sale. You need to do your best to make your home appealing both inside and out.

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