Latest Residential Rehab

Latest Residential Rehab

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The Story behind Our Last Residential Rehab

When we first arrived at the property on Sherbrook Drive, it became apparent that this house would need a lot of renovation to bring it up to snuff. The property was left heavily disheveled, with trash, old furniture, and many pieces in the home broken or missing. The property was purchased at a live auction, and we knew there would be a lot of work to be done.

We quickly dove into the renovations necessary for this residential rehab. We put on our thinking caps and came up with a plan to turn this dated, broken, and trashed home into something that belonged in the modern world with sophisticated style. A plan was quickly established to remove the wall between the living room and the dining room. Removing this wall would open up the space and create a more welcoming home, with a more accessible layout. More work was done in the living room. When we first arrived on this property there was an awkward door next to the fantastic fireplace, creating a second and unnecessary entry into the backyard. This door was removed, and with that, the fireplace was able to stand out and become an excellent focal point in the living space.

While we were able to do some major improvements on this home, they did not come easily. At one point during the renovation, the second for our company, we learned that we had to let our contractor go after instilling a lot of trust within him. We then hired another one to complete the project, one who did a phenomenal job! One of the most interesting aspects of being a residential redeveloper is learning who to place your trust into, and sometimes you learn this the hard (and expensive!) way. This project has been on our hands for over nine months- a lot longer time span than originally intended! The things we have learned are helping us during our three current renovations.

This house quickly came up to snuff by installing new drywall, new hardwood floors, new ceramic tile, and even new carpet throughout the whole house. We were able to install new and modern lighting, along with other fixtures and doors. This house even has a brand new roof!

The kitchen, one of the best aspects of the property, has become a beacon of light and luxury in a once dark and destitute kitchen. There are brand-new cabinets, hard surface counter tops, a garbage disposal and even brand new stainless steel frigidaire appliances.

The bathroom was completely recreated with a new tub with beautiful ceramic tile surrounding the shower. A new toilet, sink, vanity were also installed in this space. The bathroom was finished with a brand new ceramic tile and a great fresh coat of paint.

A little more on the other odds and ends in the revamped home on Sherbrook Drive:
-The electric box was updated with a whole new panel.
-One of the large bedrooms is now home to a new closet.
-The front porch and large backyard deck were repainted to match the rest of the updates.
-This property features a large and fenced in backyard, with a shed for all of your storage needs.

Overall, we are totally pleased with the outcome of this property! We love the way the kitchen looks and feels, along with the rest of the house. The house was taken from despair into a functional, inviting, and modern space, perfect for any family! This was a great project to work on, and I can’t wait to keep renovating spaces and improving communities.

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