Make Your House Look and Feel Bigger

Make Your House Look and Feel Bigger

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Make Your House Look and Feel BiggerLast week we covered downsizing and looked at the trend to Tiny houses. If you have downsized already, and your new home feels small, try hiring an interior designer for ways to make your house look and feel bigger. We thought we might look at the things interior designers do to make small houses look bigger.

Here are some simple solutions from Better Homes and Gardens that you can use to maximize space, make your home inviting, and won’t cost a lot.

Scale – for a small room choose furniture that makes the room look bigger. Avoid oversize furniture, which can eat up floor space. Include a mix of small to medium-scale furniture pieces

Maximize space – a Murphy bed is a great way to maximize space.

Double up – find furniture that has more than one function. For example, a coffee table that can convert to a small dining room table. Or use space under objects for storage

Small space zoning – in a room that serves two functions, use rugs to delineate areas for dining and another for TV.

Physical barriers – to divide a room, use barriers like free standing book cases or screens.

Use windows – Take advantage of this liberating effect by leaving windows bare, or dress windows with draperies that match the color of the walls to eliminate boundaries and open the space. For privacy, install simple shades or blinds that can be pulled out of the way during the day.

Small bedroom storage – use the area under the bed for storage. There are all sorts of containers for underwear or t-shirts, etc. that will fit under a bed.

White and Light – use white and light colors on the walls to make the room appear bigger, use darker colors to make the room cozy.

Make small rooms feel taller – with tall items that draw the eye upward.

Use mirrors – to make the room appear larger. An oversize mirror has a dramatic effect because it reflects a large chunk of the room.

Use fewer colors in a small room to make the room appear larger. Just like too many objects in a room make the room feel smaller, too many colors make the room feel chaotic.

Limit pattern – a room will appear larger if it is plain with a few pops of color rather that plaids and florals

Float furniture – instead of having furniture against the walls, a room will appear larger if the furniture is pulled away from the walls

Downplay contrast – Architectural focal points can make a small space feel choppy by causing the eye to stop and focus in on that area.

Let small rooms breathe – minimize the items in the room

Deliver Big Impact in a Small Space

Add Round elements to make the room appear larger

Horizontal elements – just as horizontal stripes will make a figure appear larger, so will a horizontal design make the room appear larger.

Make space in a small hallway – Try a narrow console table. This provides a surface for some flowers and a place to deposit mail, keys, and a handbag when walking in the door. It also anchors the mirror and wall sconces, creating a well-balanced display that doesn’t eat up too much space.

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