Making Changes to Your Home in Fort Wayne

Making Changes to Your Home in Fort Wayne

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Making Changes to Your Home in Fort WayneWhen it comes to making changes to your home in Fort Wayne, there are some home improvement projects that add value, in case you want to sell. It’s okay to add a swimming pool, or new windows to the entire house, or even upscale landscaping, but you won’t get the money you spend back out in a higher price for your house. What home improvement projects will add value to your house?

How’s Your Brush Stroke? The cheapest move you can make is paint. Either do it yourself or hire it done. Paint every surface that has been painted and use neutral colors. Everything goes with white, off white or light grey. It is hard to coordinate with purple walls even if it looks good.

Welcome Me! Your front door is the first thing most of us see when we are invited in. It creates a first impression. For little money you can paint the door, update the hardware, or add a bronze kick plate. While we are at the front door, does the doorbell work? Is the porch light working?

Upgrade Appliances. Home buyers want stainless steel. Some sizzle factors that homebuyers want are undercabinet wine rack that keeps wine chilled or at an even temperature, granite countertops, undercabinet lighting and tiled backsplashes.

Curb Appeal. First impressions are important. You can invest in some landscaping, but a mowed and edged lawn is first. Then a new lawn could be considered. Also have the trees pruned by a professional and flower beds mulched and add some new flowers.

Kitchens and Bathrooms. These two rooms return the highest money return for money spent. Adding a bathroom or make the highest-yielding additions and consider adding more square footage will be one of the best investments you can make.

EnergyEfficiency Projects Pay Back. Doing energy-efficient projects like replacing siding and windows, and putting in efficient boilers, and replacing windows and doors generally recoups little of a job’s cost at resale, but improvements that up the Energy Star level of a home by one full step – say, from 3.5 stars to 4.5 – means a tidy rebate check from the government and lower energy bills over time.

According to U.S. News the following Renovations bring the greatest percentage return on investment:

  • Entry door replacement:6 percent
  • Deck addition (wood):4 percent
  • Attic bedroom:3 percent
  • Garage door replacement:7 percent
  • Minor kitchen remodel:7 percent

Renovations that yield the smallest return:

  • Home office remodel:9 percent
  • Sunroom addition:7 percent
  • Bathroom addition:1 percent
  • Backup power generation:5 percent
  • Master suite addition:5 percent

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