Mirrors Can Change a Room

Mirrors Can Change a Room

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Mirrors Can Change a RoomCan you point your finger at a key element in a home? Mirrors can change a room. They have inspired poems by the hundreds, and superstitions since the first mirror reflected ones distorted image. Mirrors are magical. Some say they can reveal the future:

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is the fairest of them all?

Some say they can reveal or trap souls. Mirrors allow you see around corners, and see rooms that aren’t there.  Scarlet-draped vampires aren’t reflected in mirrors at all.

Using Mirrors Can Change a Room

  • Mirrors make a room appear bigger, Apartment Therapy shares this observation, “Aside from soaring ceilings and gigantic windows, there is no better friend to a small space than a well-placed mirror. Expanding walls, amplifying light, breaking up visual clutter, mirrors can be used to solve most any design dilemma.”
  • Mirrors can add a room, Create another window by placing a mirror next to or across from the real deal.The reflection maximizes the effect of natural light and pleasant outdoor views, allowing you to appreciate them from multiple angles.
  • Use mirrors to create more light, Country Living says, ”Placing a mirror in the correct place in a room allows you to optimize natural light. To do so, place the mirror adjacent to a window to perfectly catch the angle of light and bounce it throughout the room.”
  • Create texture with mirrors, Use mirrors to create texture in two ways. The first is by installing a textured mirror frame which adds a three-dimensional level to the wall. These can act as statement furnishings in any room.

The second way to add texture in a room is to position the mirror, so it reflects a textured object already in the room – a rustic, wooden coffee table, vase or faux fur throw, for example.

  • Dress a Mantel. Use the ‘rule of thirds’ when hanging an overmantel Simply take the height of your mantel shelf, double it, and you have the ideal height for the mirror to go above it. The width of the mirror should not be wider than the mantel itself.
  • Use a mirror in your hallway. Add sizzle to your home by using a statement mirror in the entrance way of a house. The mirror gives the immediate feeling of uplifting light as soon as you enter.

Using Feng Shui with Mirrors Can Change a Room

  • Mirrors bring in feng shui: According to The Spruce, “Mirrors are one of the most popular (and powerful!) feng shui cures. Used as an expression of the Waterfeng shui element, the right placement of mirrors can really bring beneficial energy to specific areas of your home or office.”

“Because mirrors bring the energy of the water feng shui element, they are used as effective cures in the bagua areas that benefit the most from this feng shui element.”

“The next powerful feng shui use of mirrors is to draw a beneficial quality of energy (called Sheng Chi in feng shui) into any home or office. For example, a mirror placed in a way that reflects a beautiful view from the garden will draw this good feng shui energy into your space.”

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