Political Fuses Can Light Fast

Political Fuses Can Light Fast

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Political Fuses Can Light FastThe political season has been upon us for some time. With our society so polarized political fuses can light fast. Chris Leavitt writing for INMAN has some great advice for real estate agents and anyone involved in business.  “As the presidential political race heats up, millions of passionate supporters rally across the country behind their preferred candidate. Some place signs in their front yard, posters in their windows and bumper stickers on their cars. I applaud passion, support individuality and never judge someone’s politics.

“That said, some clients might be turned off if their real estate agent endorses an opposing candidate. Brokers and agents might consider keeping their political beliefs private to avoid the risk of losing a potential client.

“In the event that an existing client brings up politics and you don’t happen to agree with his or her position, avoid an argument at all costs. I do this by shifting the focus of the conversation back to real estate.”

That goes for social media, too. Why? Well, I hate to break this to you, but not everyone agrees with you. This is a deeply polarized country. Studies show that this country is about 45 percent one way, 45 percent the other, and then 10 percent of people who are truly independent (and usually apolitical). So every time you post something negative or positive about any of the candidates, you run the risk of pissing off one of your followers that you are trying to cultivate. So stop it!

And what are you gaining in return? Do you think that your 27th post about Donald Trump (whether pro or con) is going to change the hearts and minds of the people on your friends list? You’re not persuading anyone.

Don’t get me wrong. I love political discussions. However, they can easily devolve into screaming and yelling and bad feelings. With clients or prospective clients, that is a no-no.

Here’s another no-no. Don’t swear around your clients. Call me old-fashioned, but swearing takes your professionalism down a whole bunch of notches. I remember a client that was hammering me with obscene language. I had had it. He said one too many swear words and I told him where to go. I regretted it instantly. He chuckled and said I wasn’t so great. I could get as low as him. I never swore around a client again.

We are trying as professionals to be knowledgeable, build trust, and help our clients, while supporting our families. When your client thinks back on your performance, you don’t want anything to mar your patina in their mind.

One more thing about being a professional. Return your phone calls. I had a rule: always call back someone within twenty-four hours. Now you can even text message back to anyone who leaves a message.

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