Setting Your Fort Wayne Listing Price

Setting Your Fort Wayne Listing Price

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Determining your Fort Wayne listing price is a difficult part of the selling process, but there are a few tips you can follow that will help you get this done.

As a home seller you are not required to set your Fort Wayne listing price at inventory levels or even at market conditions, though this information is helpful to know in your decision making process.

To help you arrive at a number that makes sense, find below four factors to keep in mind when determining your Fort Wayne listing price.

Price Reductions Happen

Know going in that you may not get the amount you planned on for your Fort Wayne home. It’s important to discuss the possibilities for price reductions before you list the home on the Fort Wayne market.

You must decide if the current Fort Wayne market will allow you to be able to get the higher end of your listing price. Have a set plan that if you don’t get much traffic after a specific of time, you will drop your price.

Keep in mind that this can be a valuable marketing tool to increase interest in your Fort Wayne home.

No Guarantee of Multiple Home Offers

Understand that setting your Fort Wayne listing price low doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive multiple offers. Just because the house down the street received five offers in three days does not mean you will too.

Sometimes the homes that receive multiple offers are purposely priced low to drive the traffic to the home. Homes like this are typically in the best possible condition and in the best Fort Wayne locations.

Sellers of the low-priced homes receiving multiple offers are in such a rush to sell their homes they sometimes leave money on the table. To avoid this, consider that if you price low you need to be prepared to accept that price.

It is also worth considering that in raising your Fort Wayne listing price after a few weeks on the market could potentially cause you to lose a sale completely.

Determine Your Real Market Value

Chances are good that if your Fort Wayne home sells within a few days of being on the market you’ve probably priced too low. At the same time, if the home sits on the market for many months with little action, your price is probably too high.

The important thing to do is find the right Fort Wayne listing price. Requests for second and third showings from multiple buyers typically mean you’re in the right price range.

After you’ve accepted or signed a contract you will still have negotiations to look forward to. These will last until the final hours if you’ve priced the home well.

The main thing to remember when you’re preparing to sell your Fort Wayne home is to do your best to figure out the right listing price before you go to market. Take a look at other open houses and listings in your Fort Wayne area to get an idea of the competition as well to make sure you’re fitting into the current market.

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