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Shine a Light

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Shine a LightSometimes when a business does a real good job serving customers, it’s helpful to shine a light on their business. She says, “My name is Angela Foster and, me and my husband Moghaffar are the owners of My Market that’s located at 4220 S. Hanna St.

By Jeanie Summerville at Frost Illustrated quotes Ms, Foster, “I’m originally from Chicago but we’ve lived in Fort Wayne for about seven years and I love this place.  We moved here because we have a construction company and we also deal with a little bit in real estate and we noticed that the housing market in Fort Wayne was much better than Chicago and there’s not as much trouble here, so we relocated and bought a couple of houses on the south side of town that we got for a great price.  Once we moved into our home, my first words were, ‘Where’s the ’hood?’  And, the people told me, ‘You’re in the ’hood,’ and I looked around and said, ‘This isn’t the ’hood to me—this is a good place.’

“After settling in, we started looking around to find out what we wanted to do and then we saw this place and I did some research on the building and found out Seven Eleven owned it.  So, when the property was put on the market for sale, everyone who was interested in it made their bids and we got it.  That happened six years ago and it took five years to open because we don’t have money or come from money, but we do have our construction company.  So we’d go and do a big job and then put the floors in, we’d do another big job and put the coolers in and so on and so forth.  But while we were taking the appropriate steps for its completion, it was boarded up and we would sit in the parking lot and eat dinner in anticipation of our opening.

“On May 1, 2016, I went to get all of the food and everything else that we needed and I came back and the boards were still on the windows and I said, ‘Take those boards off the windows and open it up.’  I left again and when I returned, we were jammed packed and it’s been packed every day ever since.

The restaurant is open during the week from 10a.m. to 12a.m., and on the weekends until 4 a.m., because when the bar closes. “There really isn’t anywhere to get good food on this side of town. We also close at that time because we change the grease daily for our customers.  And, in our kitchen, we’re cooking 25,000 wings every week and we have Cornish hens, shrimp, chicken tenders, a whole list of fish such as catfish steak, fillet catfish and catfish nuggets, perch, whiting, smelt, tilapia and swai.

“Our sides consist of fried mushrooms, onion rings, the best fried okra in Fort Wayne, fries and all meals comes with garlic bread and all our desserts are all made in house and consist of banana pudding, cheese cakes, pies, cakes, salads, fresh fruit and I make the best coleslaw.

“When we first opened, I did most of the cooking but now I do a lot of everything and me and my husband are the only ones that prepare the seasonings for our meats and our breading.  We’re the only two that have the recipe and we waited so long and invested so much, I feel I have the right to have a secret recipe and the girls just have to run the fire and they’re all pretty good at it. We have six employees and I’m pretty pleased with the ones I have.

Our food is so good that “…sometimes, our customers come here to eat three times a day.  It’s not fast food—you watch it raw to cooked in 15 minutes and if they don’t want to wait, they can always call it in at (260) 745-8899 and it’ll be ready when they get there.

“You can also use your EBT cards here because I sell raw chicken here and you can pay me to batter and fry it with cash but it doesn’t come with fries or garlic bread—just the meat.  But if you want to add the sides, you just pay cash for it. That gives our customers who don’t have much the opportunity to eat good.  And, I’d like for everyone to come here and just try it, we’re here to serve everybody in Fort Wayne and you’ll have a good time, you’ll get to meet and talk with us. We’re one on one with all of our customers. It’s a good experience and some really good eating.”

We are happy to shine a light on My Market.

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