Time for Winterization

Time for Winterization

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Time for WinterizationHappy Thanksgiving to all in the Ft. Wayne area. You know it’s almost winter and time for winterization when Fort Wayne’s annual Night of Lights kicks off the holiday season. This evening will include lighting ceremonies, displays and activities at the History Center, the Ross Building on Main Street, Aunt Millie’s on Pearl Street, the Community Center, the PNC Santa, the Wells Fargo/Indiana Michigan Power Center wreath, the Botanical Conservatory and the Embassy Theatre.

Festivities will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the History Center and conclude with the ringing of the bells by downtown churches at 7:30 and fireworks at Parkview Field at 7:45 p.m.

The Festival of Trees, Santa’s Workshop and the Festival of Gingerbread also begin that night.

The weathermen are calling for rain and snow showers next week. Do not to neglect your chimneys this winter. Chimney fires — which occur when heat or embers ignite a buildup of creosote, trapping flames inside the flue — can damage a chimney’s lining. Witnessing such a fire, he said, is “quite an experience.”

It sounds like you’ve borrowed a 737 and strapped it onto your chimney — the sound level’s really incredible. You run outside and you see flames about 10 feet up from your stovepipe; it’s like a blowtorch, literally, along with the jet-engine noise.”

Time for winterization involves cleaning chimneys with specialized brushes or install rain caps on the chimneys. If your heater malfunctions on those cold nights and causes a blockage use an electric hair dryer or pour hot water over the outside intake pipes. The better method is to purchase electric heat tape or wraps for the pipes, which are very effective.

Remove window screens and replace them with storm windows, which successfully blocks drafts and keeps the home warmer and fuel costs lower. If the home has single pane windows, a simple solution, however unattractive it might be, is to purchase a window insulation kit that is attached to the interior of a window with tape and a hair dryer.

Time for winterization means sealing areas of your where windows, walls and foundations meet because this is where small amounts of air may leak through. By using a lighted candle, homeowner’s can find these little draft cracks. Use a caulking gun or weather stripping products to seal these cracks.

If proper precautions have not been taken winterizing your house, your water pipes and outdoor water faucets won’t be available for drinking, cooking and washing. To avoid this inconvenience keep empty gallon jugs around the house and fill them with water so when the need arises, the family won’t be too terribly inconvenienced.

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