Tips for Making an Early Offer on a New Fort Wayne Listing

Tips for Making an Early Offer on a New Fort Wayne Listing

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Once you find a Fort Wayne home that catches your attention you want to make an offer as quickly as possible. But is that always the right option? What if the home is a new Fort Wayne listing? Should you just go for it or hold off until the home has been on the market a little while?

According to many real estate pros you shouldn’t hold off too long on making the early offer on a new Fort Wayne listing if you truly think the house is a good fit.

Below are tips to help determine is your early Fort Wayne home offer is well thought out.

Tread Carefully

If you offer too early it could result in the Fort Wayne seller thinking that they have priced their home too low. The result: a great deal of negotiating which will leave you paying more than you planned. Remember that the seller’s goal is to get the highest price in the least amount of time.

When placing an offer on a new Fort Wayne listing be sure to keep your offer a reasonable one as you don’t want to offer a price that is far too low for the home, alienating your seller in the process, while an offer that is too high does not help you out.

Be Compatible

Prove to the sellers just how bad you want the home by showing them that you’ve got all of your ducks in a row. This means having all of the necessary paperwork, including a pre-approval, ready to go.

This will illustrate to the sellers that you are not only excited about the home but that you are also a safe financial bet, too. If you’re able to put down at least 20% be sure to let them know that, as you’ll seem even more ready to buy.

Be a Fort Wayne Market Expert

Do your research about the Fort Wayne market, the specific neighborhood, and the home itself. You want to do so much research that you become an expert of your own.

This way you will know if a low price will work in the current Fort Wayne market or if the market has too much traffic for that at the moment. This will help you to know exactly when you should make your offer and what your chances of success will be.

When considering on making an early offer on a new Fort Wayne listing it boils down to preparation and education. If you don’t educate yourself about the homes, area and overall Fort Wayne market then you run the risk of missing the home that is meant for you. However, if you understand how your market works, then you’ll be able to accurately prepare. This means you will be much more likely to find the right home for you when it becomes available.

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