Tips for Pricing Your Fort Wayne Home to Sell

Tips for Pricing Your Fort Wayne Home to Sell

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When it comes to pricing your Fort Wayne home to sell, the strategy is part art and part science. You need a little bit of both in order to arrive at a sale that you are happy with.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the right track to pricing your Fort Wayne home to sell.

Your Fort Wayne Home is Unique

No two Fort Wayne homes are the same, even if they have the same number of rooms and space. The house next door may have a totally different layout than yours and sell for more even though it is the exact same on paper.

You need to understand that Fort Wayne homebuyers will typically pay more for certain features. Once you are aware of this, you need know exactly what those features are. Having this in mind will help you create a story around your Fort Wayne home’s main selling point(s).

After you have determined the storytelling narrative for your home listing it is time to play into it. Having this framework will be a big asset in pricing your Fort Wayne home in a range that is competitive.

Keep your home’s story and uniqueness in mind when pricing your Fort Wayne home.

Superficiality Exists

You do not want to underestimate the power of the look of your home. The way your Fort Wayne home looks and makes a person feel goes a long way in making a sale.

Fort Wayne homebuyers want a home that is fresh and neutral, ready for their own unique touches. You do not want potential buyers to be walking through your house, performing mental math as they add up the costs of all the updates and renovations they are going to have to make should they purchase your home.

To avoid this situation, take the time to modernize your Fort Wayne home. Make sure you update the fixtures and finishes around the home before you list it in order to help bring in a higher price.

Study Recent Fort Wayne Sales

Go to Fort Wayne open houses and see what others are doing to help sell their home.

What touches have they added? What changes have they made?

You should look at homes in your Fort Wayne area that are comparable in order to see how your home measures up.

Also be sure to look at recent sales in your Fort Wayne area. Use stats from the last three to six months to get a fair view of how the market has worked and what prices sell quickly in your Fort Wayne area.

Pricing your Fort Wayne home is major factor in the selling process. Looking at recent sales while paying attention to the renovations and updates you can make will give you a better chance of setting a price that gets results.

If you price your Fort Wayne home fairly and are diligent in making it look it’s best, you give yourself a greater chance of selling your home for what you really want to get out of it.

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