Tips for Remembering Each Fort Wayne Open House

Tips for Remembering Each Fort Wayne Open House

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To help keep your Fort Wayne house hunting organized, you want to keep track of every home that you see during your Fort Wayne open house visits.

One of the best ways to do so is by taking photos along the way.

Documenting each home and what you like about it can help you organize your thoughts about each house and ultimately help you decide which one is right for you.

Remember these five types for photos to take at each Fort Wayne open house you attend to help you remember what is unique about each one.

Start from the Street

Understand that you aren’t just buying the inside of the home. So step outside and take in the entire Fort Wayne neighborhood.

To help you visualize the home down the road, it’s helpful to take photos looking out from the front porch, from the street looking at the house and looking both ways down the street. You want to remember the neighborhood just as much as the home.

Plus taking a photo from the outside will give you at least one photo with the address in the shot to help you when organizing the photos you take of each Fort Wayne home.

Know the Room Measurements

When you buy a new Fort Wayne home you want to know what furniture will fit in your new space. Document the size and layout of each room through photos to know exactly how well your furniture will fit in the space.

While looking at the size of each room be sure to take photos of the rooms that are a must for you and your family. Walk-in pantry, walk-in closet, large storage area above the garage, whatever it may be; if it is a room your family really desires to have be sure to take photos of it at each home that includes them so that you will remember.

Check out the Appliances

Take a look at all of the appliances that will be included in the purchase of the Fort Wayne home and take a photo of their make and model number tags on the back. Each one should tell you how old the appliance is and let you make a fair judgment on how long before it will need to be replaced.

The heating and air conditioning unit, as well as the water heater should also have installation dates listed on their tags as well; take photos of them too. You want to know from the beginning what may need to be replaced.

Be Nosey

While it may seem odd or unconventional to take photos under the sinks, you should. Photos of these areas can show you if there is a current leak, or stains from a previous one that hasn’t been mentioned.

You’ll also want photos of the ceilings, walls, and roof from various angles to check for areas where leaks may have occurred. Knowing these things up front can assist when it comes to the inspection and when considering what you want to offer for a particular Fort Wayne property.

Pay Attention to what You Pay Attention To

Rooms that attract the most attention in a home and have the most traffic often have more character to them in the way they are worn.

Photos of the floors, trim, baseboards and even the walls will help you to see the scuffs, nicks and general wear that each room might have.

Look closely at these areas to note what can easily be fixed and what can be costly to assist you in making your decision about your offer.

When it comes to attending Fort Wayne open houses, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget which home had the features you loved. However, with the right photos it can be easier to organize your thoughts about each one.

Keep in mind: you’re searching for your future home so the more organized you are the better. If there is an aspect of the home that you know you like or that you must have, take a photo of it.

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