When You Inherit the House

When You Inherit the House

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When You Inherit the HouseWhen you inherit the house take a deep breath. Nothing has to be done immediately. You and your siblings will have a lot of different emotions and memories about the home. Think about what the house means to each of you.

We accumulate so much stuff over our lifetimes. The heirs have no way to know what to save and what to throw or give away.  I sometimes think when I go, the family will take all my trophies and pictures from my ego wall of me standing with some famous person and put them in a cardboard box on a tall shelf in the garage. They won’t know the story behind each object. We advise the heirs to clean the house to present a better image when selling, but we didn’t say anything about respecting the folk’s personal possessions. Learning their history is important, learning why this or that piece was special, matters. It’s a show of respect.

When You Inherit the House

If you were to walk through your grandmother’s or mother’s house, she could tell you stories about each piece of furniture, painting or photo; where it came from, when it was acquired; so many things that might be treasured by heirs when they go looking at their past.  The folks at a new company called Hannah–Bergen believed there should be a way to keep track of the stories of a hand mirror owned by your grandmother, a photograph that hung in your home as a child or the gold wedding band dented and worn down by time. Hannah-Bergen developed a simple, low-tech, and lasting way for anyone to collect information and affix archival-quality tags or labels to furniture, art, tableware, and all sorts of objects.

The kit contains all you need to label heirlooms: heirloom tags, artwork tags, heirloom stickers, a book of provenance, a jewelry bag, pen, ribbon, and scissors. Then when it comes time to sort, organize, and divvy up the assets, you can cherish your loved one’s possessions and know the story behind their acquisition.

Right now, millennials don’t really care about furniture that lasts for years. They prefer the throwaway lifestyle. When it comes to grandma and grandpa’s things that may change when they feel the pull of history. That’s the way it is for Boomers now. Their parents are aging or have died, and they want something tangible to hold onto. That’s why I think the folks at Hannah–Bergen are on the right track.

Many cultures and countries revere the old folks. They are a big part of the family. They learn their stories and pass them down to their children. It is a simpler, quieter, and slower way a life. I miss those times when I could hang out with grandma and grandpa on the screened-in porch in the evening after the day’s work.

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